Hi, my name is Brent,
I'm a (Front-end) Developer

Brent de Kok bmdekok@gmail.com 06 21 48 22 48
English, Dutch (native)

For the last ten years, I've worked with great teams on various large projects. Most of my experience has been as a front-end developer. Currently, I'm also fulfilling the role of technical lead of a development team at Worth Internet Systems. In this role, I'm responsible for team morale as well as for the technical quality of our products.

Teammates have called me passionate, user-centric, knowledgeable, someone with wide interests and positively minded.

I have a passion for building good products that serve the end-user. Moreover, I believe product development is a team sport that benefits from different disciplines working closely together.


Worth Internet Systems

March 2012 - 30 November 2021

Most of my work experience has been at this agency, over the years I've had to opportunity to grow myself along with the company. Some noteworthy (but not all) projects I've participated in are:

Staatsloterij Groepsspelen

November 2019 - 1 October 2021
De Nederlandse Loterij
Sr. Front-end Developer, Tech Lead
NuxtJS, VueJS, Typescript, Jest, .Net Core, C#, xUnit, CodeceptJS, SCSS

Groepsspelen is a game that allows customers of the Staatsloterij to play together. When we started on this project there was a lot of upfront design work already done by Fabrique, together with the team we made this vision a reality.

  • Helped to define the API's necessary to deliver the product.
  • Defined the architecture for this project.
  • Serve as a tech lead to the team, create a culture of pair programming and shared responsibilities.
  • Write front- and back-end code with Typescript and C#, plus a lot of unit tests.
  • Maintain Terraform scripts for automating everything to do with environments on Microsoft Azure.

Eurojackpot Website

June 2018 - July 2020
De Nederlandse Loterij
Sr. Front-end developer
VueJS, Javascript, .Net Core, C#, xUnit, CodeceptJS, SCSS

Eurojackpot was the first project in which de Nederlandse Loterij (NLO) partnered with Worth. Our team's assignment was to design and build a new website for this up and coming lottery brand. For this to succeed we had to integrate with a new API, set up NLO's content management system, but mostly create an experience that would delight customers.

  • Worked closely with our designer to optimize user flows.
  • I was responsible for developing front-end components for the sales flow, for example, ticket selectors, draw selectors and discount flows.
  • Wrote razor templates for any pages that didn't need VueJS.
  • Did some C# to implement new pages and fields in the content management system of NLO.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Application review tool

November 2017 - June 2018
Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Sr. Front-end developer
Angular, Typescript, Spring, Java, Pdf.js, SCSS

As Worth, we were hired to help streamline the internal visa application process of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our team helped to digitize and improve these processes.

  • Setup the Angular front-end application.
  • Implemented Azure ADAL for authentication, integrate calls to several microservices, added role management.
  • Created a PDF reader module that integrated Mozilla's pdf.js into Angular as there was no good open-source reader available at the time.
  • Helped define the visual style and supported our designer with fleshing out the requirements.

Innovation Funding Service

November 2017 - June 2018
Innovate UK
Front-end developer
jQuery, Javascript, Spring, Java, Thymeleaf, SCSS

The English Governmental Digital Services (GDS) have strict guidelines for making web applications robust, usable and accessible. Thanks to my efforts we were able to deliver the Alpha phase. After this first successful stage, we scaled the project up to around 60 developers during the beta phase.

  • Made sure that we were delivering an accessible application.
  • Implemented Javascript enhancements like a Markdown editor and form validation which extended the HTML5 form validation.
  • Gave training on how to write CSS selectors to our group of test engineers.

Babana Media

2009 - 2015
WordPress, Magento, Flash, PHP, Javascript, Photoshop

Together with my little brother, I founded a small media company. We did a lot of cool projects of which we learned an awful lot. It was rare for us to say no to a nice challenge, therefore we've done some extraordinary work with very little experience.

  • We've synced a local store's inventory to a new webshop build with Magento hosted on a VPS
  • Made several animations, some of which were later used as commercials for the local television station.
  • Did a lot of small WordPress websites and illustrations


Communication & Multimedia Design

2006 - 2011

Bachelor of Science at the University of Applied Science, De Haagse Hogeschool

Personal interests

First of all, I'm very happy to have a little family with a beautiful daughter and wife. Whenever I'm not spending time with my family I'm very fond of anything that combines technology and design, this covers a wide range of interests. Some examples:

  • Programming, yes, I'm fortunate that my hobby is also my work. I've built a small web app for fun that allowed me to fly a small Bluetooth Drone with my Playstation controller. I did this with the help of React, Web Bluetooth API, and the Gamepad API.
  • I'm drawing my new house, with my furniture and rendering this in 3D with Blender.
  • Photography, I love to take out my DSLR whenever possible and enjoy capturing the moment.
  • Amusement parks, I enjoy how Disney's Imagineers combine technological wizardry with design to stell a good story.
  • Gaming, some great stories are being told through this interactive medium, but I'm also a sucker for a good gameplay loop.